ISO27001 Privacy policy

Information Security Policy・Privacy policy

"ISO27001 certification

CADMAC will perform continuous improvement activities of the information security management system, we aim to companies that is trusted from our customers.


Information Security Policy

CADMAC is consisted in the trust relationship between the sheet metal, CAD industry participants such as your business partner. In order to maintain the trust we should provided better service to people in the industry. All our employee always recognize sufficient safety measures the importance of the value of information assets, we should maintain the "confidentiality", "integrity", "availability" of information.
In order to adequately protect from various threats surrounding the information assets, and established the "Information Security Policy", we will strive to improve information security. In addition, various laws and regulations of the requirements, and in order to respond appropriately to the security obligations of the contract, and we should devote to compliance management.

  1. We strive to prevent the occurrence of information security incidents with following measures. Implementation of risk assessment to establish the internal standards.
    Whole company recognizes the threats and vulnerabilities associated with critical information assets, by carrying out appropriate risk measures, implementing appropriate risk measures, unauthorized access to information assets, loss, destruction, tampering and leakage prevention.
  2. All employees should recognize the importance of information assets and information security. We disseminate the proper usage of information assets, facilities and equipment to our employee.
  3. If the issue of information security has occurred, and take the best plan to minimize the damage rapid cause investigation, we will work for the prevention and maintain improvement.
  4. Continue to implement the activities of the Information Security Policy, to establish management system, such as also can respond to new threats.
  5. Should, in the case of violation of the laws and regulations regulatory requirements and internal rules, to apply the penalties defining such as the rules of employment.
  6. This basic policy is always to be performed the review. We will work for continuous improvement.

December 12, 2013 established
President of CADMAC Co., Ltd
Noboru Takagaito

Privacy policy

We, in our business, recognized as an important social responsibility to strict observance safety management of personal information, personal information protection as one of the top priorities in corporate activities, proper handling of personal information, continued efforts will be given to the company-wide improvement.

  1. When we are collecting personal information and clearly the purpose, when utilized, will use only within that purpose. When we are changing the purpose of use, will notify to the person or to public.
  2. Disclosure and correction of personal information held by the Company, and in the case where a request for suspension of use has been requested from the person in question, which was allowed to the appropriate identification, we can respond promptly in a reasonable range.
  3. Unauthorized access and personal information loss, destruction, falsification, against leakage, the management of ID · password, through preservation, management, and disposal rules of personal information, we build a firewall, entry and exit by practice management, etc., and strive to its prevention.
  4. When it provides to a third party, it restricts and provides for what always obtained the consent of the person himself/herself.
  5. If we pass to a third party to personal information, such as outsourcing, will do full consideration in the selection of contractors. We will do this on they have entered into a nondisclosure agreement. In addition, we will supervise subcontractors when we will be handling situation of personal information.
  6. It is related with the handling of personal information, applicable laws and regulations, In addition to compliance with regulations, Manages and necessary corrective to the appropriate operation is performed, Personal information continuously review the protection efforts, and will continue to improve observing regulation.

December 12, 2013 established
President of CADMAC Co., Ltd
Noboru Takagaito